Farewell to summer . . .

  1. Beautiful words and photos Debra!

  2. RO says:

    You are wise to look at the good memories you made.

  3. Thanks Ro! Memories are what it is all about.

  4. Tina Schell says:

    Beautiful post Debra – here in the south summer is still upon us. It’s one of my favorite things about living here as my friends in the northeast prepare for autumn and winter. Then again, I do miss the fall foliage. Sigh – what’s a girl to do!?

    • Thank you Tina. Yes, I am really not a cold weather person, I’m not sure if I would miss the cold and snow. Once the leaves have fallen, it’s just bare and brown. My husband says I would miss the change of seasons, but I really don’t think I would miss winter.

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