Honestly, I cannot remember when I began to find flowers so interesting, and so incredibly beautiful.  Some people may not really think about flowers, but they are present in so many facets of our lives.  Flowers are one of the main items in a wedding, or an anniversary, or a birthday.  During 2020 when we were all in lock down, flowers became a saving grace for me. and many others I would imagine. So, next time you are at the store, treat yourself to a bouquet of flowers. You will thank yourself when you arrive home.

When I began my photography journey in 2009, I didn't know where it would bring me.  By nature, I am not a very patient person, photography has taught me patience.  That is not to say, I am always patient, but while photographing a scene, whether it's still life, flowers or a seascape, I have learned to wait, for the right light, the right composition, wait until the vision in my mind becomes a reality.  Photography has been a saving grace in so many areas of my life, I cannot imagine NOT taking photographs. 

my journey

Color, beauty and nature all in one place.  Flowers just make me happy. Each week I purchase a new bunch which sit in my kitchen window.



Old time charm, comfort and nature surround me while I am relaxing on the porch.  Won't you join me for a cuppa or a glass of wine?

the porch


Tea cups, cake plates and antique cutlery come to life.  As I style various props, my photographs take on an identity of their own.

still life


After several years of portrait photography, I was burned out.  I realized this genre wasn't for me.  I needed a break and completely stopped taking photographs.  One day I received an email about a still life online class, this class was centered around teaching still life photography. I immediately signed up and discovered a calm and peace while photographing still life images.  I fell in love with styling and composing images, props and still life as a genre. 

still life

Welcome to my porch, a sanctuary for me. A place to slow down, take a break from my fast paced world.  While still working full time, I find quiet and solace on the porch.  Our home is nestled in the woods, with so much beauty surrounding us.  During the warmer months we listen to the birds singing and the hummingbirds feeding and playing. 

the porch

As I continued my still life journey, I slowly began to discover flower photography.  Flowers were colorful, peaceful, and amazingly beautiful.  I soon learned how to compose flowers, how to sculpt them, how to make then dance and sing. There are certain types of flowers that I fell in love with, peonies, tulips, daisies to name just a few.  Some types of flowers allow me to form them into shapes, framing tea cups, or other props.  



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