the inevitable . . .

  1. RO says:

    So heartfelt & so true.

  2. nannylav says:

    Awh debra didn’t know ur baby was doing this bad I hope n pray she does ok at daycare I know how much I love animals n the sad factor of them aging getting sick n having to let them go:(
    I know this too well the last yr i know I had too put 2 of my beloved boys down it is heartbreaking but the unconditional love they gave me for 14 yrs meant the world too me they have been with me thru many bad times sickness etc.
    So all u pet owners out there love ur fur babies every day n hold onto them with love
    Debra this is a beautiful story of ur life with McKenzie that Lil cutie pie
    God bless u
    Love ya Nancy

  3. schwartzdmcomcastnet says:

    I remember her as a puppy….
    From the last picture I guess she is walking on your floor now? Lol.

    Beautiful photos

  4. Yeah it’s been 12 years. Time does fly.
    Thanks Donna!

  5. Su Leslie says:

    Beautiful post, with gorgeous photos. 🙂

  6. cmlively28 says:

    This post definitely hit close to home for me as my 11 year old dog is having some of the same issues as McKenzie. I can’t picture my life without my dog as I’m sure it’s hard for you as well. They become a part of your family and it’s so sad that they can’t live as long as us! I have to get back to work but just wanted to stop and say I really enjoyed this post!

  7. asimuel says:

    Beautiful and well written post. I have a Westie also and think about “the inevitable” often. Your words are uplifting. We have to cherish the moments.

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