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She feels peace come over her, a quiet sense of inner stillness, not a stillness like before a storm, rather a stillness of tranquility.

In the Stillness, She Felt Peace

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Life is only a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see In the quiet of the morning I stepped outside into the brisk October air, McKenzie and I were out for our morning walk.  The day was still dark, the sun rises later this time of year. Breathing in the crisp air, taking in […]

in the quiet of the morning . . .

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Take a few peaceful, quiet moments to slow down and breathe.

Just Breathe . . .

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“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”  ~ John Muir   Listen to the sound of the waves as they crash onto the beach. Listen to the sound of the seagrass as it blows in the wind. Listen to the sound of Mother Nature as She speaks directly to your […]

Sounds for the Soul . . .


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