in the quiet of the morning . . .

  1. cristinestamelos says:

    Very touching blog post.. she was the best grandmother and she is most certainly looking down on us! Now beau has his own grandmother in you and he thinks you are the best too!

    Love you!

  2. What a beautiful post. I’m so glad you shared. God says we’re given new bodies when we go to heaven and that there are no tears there. It’s definitely a happy place! Your Mom is beautiful!

  3. Love how you started the post with the mention of breathing in the crisp air in the morning. I personally think that’s why lots of happy people wake up early, they literally breathe in the energy of the universe! Great post, keep it up!
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    Keep inspiring!

  4. Cecelia says:

    Nice tribute to your mom…she would be so proud of you with your pictures – and especially your words:0)

  5. NAncy says:

    Omg debra thank u for this wonderful written
    Mom was beautiful n loved all of u so much
    She was beautiful is right
    N I so re her trip to California she so loved it. As I do too
    Thank u for all u said bout ur mom
    I know she’s watching over us all
    Miss u my dear sister

    • Thank you Nancy. You’re welcome. Yes she is definitely missed.

      • NAncy says:

        So glad she took the trip out to California although as a little sister I re missing her so much especially at bedtime Catherine was a sweet young lady not s mean bone in her body …I only wished she was happier what a smile she had
        She knows her daughters n son n grandkids are safe under her watchful eye from above

  6. yankeemom75 says:

    Beautifully written Debra, your Mom will always be a part of you ❤️

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