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Many of you have followed my blog for some time now, for that, I thank you.  Recently, I decided to change my photography name back to my actual name, Debra Nancy Photography.  When I began this photography journey, Debra Nancy was the name I chose, mostly because nothing else seemed to fit.  A few years […]

A New Look & New Name . . .

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I don’t know what it is about their fluffy, lacy petals that is so appealing, but peonies are so pretty and so much fun to photograph. They are a must if you are a flower photographer!

at last . . .

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“A photograph is the pause button of LIFE.” On April 29th my first grandchild was born, a baby boy.  He is without a doubt, the most beautiful baby.  He has kept us busy with visits, snuggles and just loving him to pieces. I took a few weeks away from photography, just to spend time with […]

Pausing Life . . .


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