A Blank Page . . .

  1. cmlively28 says:

    Love this! So glad you are getting back into the groove of things

  2. Byrdandbutterfly says:

    Beautiful šŸ˜ŽšŸŽ¶

  3. Starting the year perfectly Debra, by continuing to show your beautiful creative talent – I was a recipient of the calendar gift – a unique gift from your heart – love it. Hoping everyone has a wonderful happy and healthy New Year – look forward to reading more of your blogs throughout the year!!

  4. fowlertb says:

    Beautifully written, this article hit a cord with me. It was such a hard year, so many disappointments but some good too. Kim excites me, she encourages me. She makes me want to learn new things. Your images and thoughtful words bring me peace, they help me to see, enjoy and savor the good. Thank you to Kim, and also thank you Debra for contributing to my well being too.

    • Oh wow!! Thank you Tina. I never really thought about me having an impact on someone else. I truly appreciate your comments. This has really started my day on a positive note, so heartwarming. Thank you!! ā¤ļø life does give you people who enhance your life and you have enhanced mine more than you can know.

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