Perspective is everything . . .

  1. What a great post! I’m inspired to do something similar in my town. I’ve been wanting to get out. Pictures like these will be a true keepsake one day. Thanks for sharing Debra!

  2. Hang in there young lady. You have a purpose! Be aware that your photographs and posts bring some joy and peace to others that you might not be aware of. I’m counting on all of us to come out the other side of this stronger and wiser.

  3. Cecelia M Jiampetti says:

    Hi Debra, take a little bit of your advise, and remember your dads words, this too shall pass – keep your chin up and find pleasure in the little things, most the time that is really what matters- We all must continue to pray. Stay safe!!

  4. KPMominTexas says:

    Strange new normal, for sure! I’ve been reading Psalms every morning. Great reminders that God is in control ya s that His lovingkindness is everlasting!!

  5. […] brings me to my photography. On April 5th I wrote a blog desribing how completely sad the closures made me feel. In a “normal” […]

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