God’s Plan . . .

  1. cecelia says:

    beautiful Debra – love the soft photos too!!

  2. Very good Debra … I think I’ll pray about this and comment more later. 😊♥️

  3. You mention so many things here. My heart is overwhelmed with what I’d like to say. One thing you said is that you hope God knows what His plan is for you … My response to that is yes He does! It’s exactly what is said in the verse you quoted … Jeremiah 29:11. He does know the plans He has for you. And they’re for a future and a hope. He asks us to hope in Him throughout His word. And hope is just a choice. Something you decide to do … and maybe you have to choose that every day or many times throughout each day. His plan is also that you receive Him as your savior. The Bible says His desire is that all be saved. And that just happens through us stating that we accept Him as our Lord and Savior. Some who say those words don’t understand at the time what it means, but with a continuance in seeking Him through prayer (just talking to Him) and reading His Word, the Bible, you come to realize what a beautiful thing it is that has happened. I’m one of those people. He is there for you when you open up your heart to Him.

  4. KPMominTexas says:

    Amen, Carolyn! I will join you in praying for His work to be done! It’s always exciting to see how God draws us to Himself in different ways. He loves us so much that He sent His only Son to pay the price for our sin that we cannot pay. Just so we could have relationship with Him! ❤️❤️ Because He rose again and sits on His throne we can have the hope of His return. What a gift God has offered us-eternal life-if only we turn to Him and accept His gift of salvation through faith. 💜

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