A Snow Day

  1. Cecelia says:

    Very pretty Debra – thanks for a bit of brightness on a snowy day!!

  2. Donna S says:

    Nice….I was outside shoveling all the white stuff!! Glad you enjoyed your day doing what you love.

  3. shelleykrupagmailcom says:

    Beautiful flowers, photos, and an inspiring message! Thanks for sharing!

  4. schwartzdmcomcastnet says:

    Hey Doodlebug……I’m leaving comcast and my new email is schwartzdonnam@gmail.com. Can you please change it in your address book.

    we still have to get together. My week days are starting to get crazy but I have Friday night, Saturday and Sunday open.

    talk to you soon.


    Donna Schwartz When words fail….Music speaks Hans Christian Anderson


  5. Very nice post Debra! Thanks for sharing about the snow. Your day was very productive!

  6. Tina Schell says:

    Beautiful captures Debra – loved them all. How smart of you to do colorful flowers in anticipation of the day! Loved your window light background. And of course your message

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