A Bit Melancholy | Smithville Lifestyle Photographer

  1. nannylav says:

    Hi Debra I feel same way bout winter approaching not my favorite either
    I love sunflowers a favorite of mine great photos
    U are a fantastic photographer
    Love u

  2. Karen Olson says:

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Debra. Your images are so very cheerful, and McKenzie, well he’s the cutest!

  3. louceil says:

    Love your pics, as always Debra – maybe you are thinking of a how down for the fall with the accent of the hat on your beautiful blue chair – McKenzie always puts a smile on your face – stay cheerful:0)

  4. I’m glad you shared Debra. Beautiful photos as always!

  5. schwartzdmcomcastnet says:

    The camera is mommy’s happy place, and McKenzie wants to be in mommy’s happy place too. Sunflowers and daisies are such happy flowers and they are strong and sturdy. To me spring is filled with greens, pastels, and hayfever. But fall has a magic all its own. It is filled with the saturated color of deep yellows, magentas, reds, and oranges. The air gets cooler and you get to snuggle up with great sweaters and smell the crispness of the cool air approaching.
    Keep smiling and keep telling your great stories Hugs

  6. Su Leslie says:

    Beautiful images Debra; McKenzie is soooo gorgeous. My partner and I both suffered a bit from SAD when we lived in the UK; it was one of the reasons we moved back to New Zealand. I remember having flowers around helped then (as did visits to art galleries), and they still lift my mood. Thanks for sharing these.

    • Thank you on both counts. It’s a strange disease, I guess it’s a disease?, and I cope with it the best I can. I’m sure many people do suffer from this and I will certainly try visiting art galleries, I know the flowers help tremendously.

  7. RO says:

    Love the photos & McKensie is cute as ever. She even poses.

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