Where from here?

  1. RO says:

    Beautiful, Deb!

  2. sammiloubaker says:

    This article touched my heart in a few ways and gave me the pick me up I needed! Thank you! 💗

  3. louceil says:

    Love your stories Debra – great photos too!! Always look forward to reading your stories and viewing your photos!! Thank you!!

  4. nancy laviola says:

    ur photos an story touched my heart i am so happy u are happy love u always

  5. Thank you Nancy! Love you too.

  6. Karen Olson says:

    I truly love each and every one of these photographs for different reasons. We are all complex persons with changing moods and changing aesthetics. And how wonderful that is!

  7. Thank you Karen. Yes, that is so very true!

  8. schwartzdmcomcastnet says:

    The words in your stories express so much color and have an art all their own, then you add your photos and viola… you just shared some magic! 💛💙

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