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How do you view the world, I don’t mean in the literal sense, how to you view the world from your home?

My Kitchen Window

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The innocence of being two is so refreshing to watch, as the world basically crumbles around us, he represents hope.

Down the Shore . . .

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“…and all at once, summer collapsed into fall.”  – Oscar Wilde As seasons go, summer is my favorite season!  There is a relaxed and slower feel to everything.  Barbecues, amazing flowers, color everywhere, and of course the beach.  This year our summer began with a trip to the west coast.  We visited Washington State, Oregon and […]

Summer’s Last Hurrah . . .

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Summer will soon be here and it will be welcomed with open arms.  Warm days, cools nights, beach filled weekends and just a general easiness.

first beach day . . .

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Well life is short And love is rare And we all deserve to be happy while we’re here ~ Little Big Town Sunday Morning … As the warm summer breeze blew through the window, my entire day was brightened. It has been a cold and rainy spring here in New Jersey and the bright sunshine […]

A Sunday Morning in June


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