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Each year, I have more blooms, of the prettiest white flowers with a hint of magenta on some of the petals. This year I think I had about 30 or more blooms.

Peonies 2024

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Many of you have followed my blog for some time now, for that, I thank you.  Recently, I decided to change my photography name back to my actual name, Debra Nancy Photography.  When I began this photography journey, Debra Nancy was the name I chose, mostly because nothing else seemed to fit.  A few years […]

A New Look & New Name . . .

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I hope you have a porch or similar place in your home that brings you peace during your day too. If not an outside area, maybe some special spot inside your home where you are able to relax, enjoy the quiet and soak up the peacefulness if only for a brief moment.

the porch . . .

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I wanted to share some images of our new home with you all.

a pop of color . . .

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Our house is located on three acres, surrounded by woods. The sound of the leaves blowing gently in the breeze or even raindrops are comforting.

What Makes a House a Home?


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